Who I Am

I’m Jack Paton, young kent photographer. I’ve been an amateur photographer since I was twelve and am passionate about capturing all things natural — oh, and sport. I don’t have any specialities, just trying to capture what I see around me, and putting myself in the best position I can to take that shot. 

Why I Started Doing It

When I decided to create this website, I’d been taking photos for almost two years, starting just after I turned twelve.

Every year,my grandparents and I go caravanning around North Yorkshire. My Grandad lent me his D-SLR, a Nikon D600, to have a go with at the North Yorkshire wildlife site, Bempton Cliffs, famed for its gannets. At this point I’d never even touched a camera, really; I’d played about with some point-and-shoots but my Dad was always the real photographer at home, taking his gloomy candids of us before converting them into monchrome.


Astrophotography: My First Try

The stars are coming out tonight, der-der-der-der-der-der-der tonight.... Yes, Tuesday (25/07/17) I went out to my old haunt St. Mary's Island on the first clear night for quite a while to see the stars. I brought my camera along as well as a pencil and paper, so I...

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Drop me a line...

If you have got any questions, queries or just want to talk about my work you can contact me here.