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About Me

Hi, I’m Jack, and I’m a bit of a computer nerd, so I built this website as a bit of a depository for my hobbies and things that I do. I’ve been into photography since I was about thirteen and you’ll be able to find a lot of my favourite pictures on here. I’ve even put some words with some of my pictures in some photo stories, like this one. In early 2020, I also built my own weather station based on a Raspberry Pi, which produces live, hyperlocal and public data for the Rainham/Gillingham area. I’ve also detailed somewhat how I built the station and what you can do if you wish to build your own! I also enjoy to write occassionally, though I don’t get the chance often, but if I am posessed with an idea I need to get down this website offers me a place to do so. I’ll also be uploading anything I write outside of the website here also. 

                                           — JJP