Who I Am

I’m Jack Paton, young kent photographer. I’ve been an amateur photographer since I was twelve and think there’s nothing better than going out somewhere with my camera and seeing what I can shoot. 

Some Of My Best

What I’ve Shot Recently

A White (Almost) Christmas 2017

It's Sunday, I'm having a lie-in, and am fully prepared not to get out of my warm, cosy bed until gone nine when I realise IT'S SNOWING. AND SETTLING. AND IT'S DECEMBER. Where is my camera??! By the time I'd got my kit out, wrapped up warm and was ready to go the snow...

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Astrophotography: My First Try

The stars are coming out tonight, der-der-der-der-der-der-der tonight.... Yes, Tuesday (25/07/17) I went out to my old haunt St. Mary's Island on the first clear night for quite a while to see the stars. I brought my camera along as well as a pencil and paper, so I...

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If you have got any questions, queries or just want to talk about my work you can contact me here.