Jack Paton

Jack Paton


When I decided to create this website, I’d been taking photos for almost two years, starting just after I turned twelve.

Every year,my grandparents and I go caravanning around North Yorkshire. My Grandad lent me his D-SLR, a Nikon D600, to have a go with at the North Yorkshire wildlife site, Bempton Cliffs, famed for its gannets. At this point I’d never even touched a camera, really; I’d played about with some point-and-shoots but my Dad was always the real photographer at home, taking his gloomy candids of us before converting them into monchrome.

At Bempton Cliffs, my Grandad passed me his D600 and I had no clue what to do. My Grandad quickly fiddled with dials and buttons on this metal monster before pointing me in the direction of a good composition of birds. I took the shot, but I wasn’t too pleased with what came out. It was only when we got down the path to the main cliff that I captured an image that I thought was worth keeping. A gannet, swooping over the lovely blue waters, captured sharp and alone. 

After that I was hooked; in the car going home (and for a long time that evening) I quizzed my Grandad on the different aspects of photography; shutter speed, aperture, ISO, what does this mean, what does that mean, how did he do this, how did you do that? That evening in a caravan parked up just outside Scarborough was  what kickstarted my passion for photography, and as soon as I got back I went out and bought my own D-SLR, and started snapping away.

Two years on, we still go caravanning in North Yorkshire, I’m still quizzing my Grandad about photography, and a trip to Bempton Cliffs has become an annual pilgrimage. 

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